Google Wallet and Android Pay are now called Google Pay

As expected, the fragmentation of mobile payment services on Android has not lasted long. The international expansion of Android Pay has ended by removing all sense of the existence of Google Wallet, so that the company has decided to unify all these services in one: Google Pay.

From now on, when going to pay on websites like Airbnb, instead of seeing the Android Pay icon, you will see the G Pay, the new name of mobile payments. For the rest, there are few changes for users, although little by little Google will create an ecosystem of payments via NFC to make sense of this operation.

With the rise of the Fintech sector and of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it makes sense that the main technology companies in the world bid to become intermediaries when paying in physical stores and online businesses. Its objective is obvious: to remove the classic credit and debit cards.

For now, services like the new Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal work with banks, connecting your mobile directly to your account. However, it is not guaranteed that these firms will not compete directly with the financial sector in the medium term, something that worries many entities.

In this context, Google has moved tab removing the surname “Android” to their mobile payments. The Google brand is more powerful and explanatory, and is that NFC payments are not going to be limited to Android or iOS, but threaten to flood everything as more and more devices incorporate these chips.

Mobile payments are here to stay and more and more stores are accepting them. That is why Google is very interested in being at the forefront of this technology as soon as possible. But it will not be easy, especially considering who you compete against.

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