Google Assistant arrives at Android Auto: what does it mean?

Asking for directions or doing searches on Android Auto with “Ok, Google” is possible for some time, but that’s not all: Google Assistant will reach Android Auto, and that will expand your car’s ability to intelligently perform some tasks. The virtual assistant will be available completely, something that did not happen until now.

Approximately for a year, Android Auto has responded to the voice command, but they were simple searches, not Google Assistant. Now it will integrate all the options of the virtual assistant, such as booking a parking space in advance or placing an order in a cafeteria, all with voice commands only.

Throughout 2018, probably in a matter of a short time, you will have this assistant in your car. It is a bold but logical move, and that is that the company is throwing the rest in recent months to bring Google Assistant to as many devices as possible around the world.

Perhaps the strategy corresponds to the emphasis that all companies, starting with Apple and Microsoft, are putting on the software. Beyond selling mobile phones and computers, they try to ensure a constant source of income with an ecosystem of applications and services, and Google knows a lot because it has a very good catalog.

There is still a long way to go before the autonomous car is fully functional and safe, even more so that it obtains all the necessary permits to circulate and clarifies the legal tangle in this regard. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has already taken a position with Waymo, but it is not enough and continues testing to arrive before the competition.

Part of the development of the autonomous car has to do with Artificial Intelligence and, indirectly at least, with Google Assistant. The virtual assistant and Android Auto insurance will be a key part of the product with which Google wants to build its domain for the next decades, now in the transport sector.

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