GeForce NOW: playing up to 120fps 1080p on basic computers

NVIDIA has just released the public beta for PC / Mac of its streaming game GeForce NOW that it has already released for its NVIDIA Shield tablet. This way you can play next-generation games using the rendering power of the company’s servers on computers unable to move any current game.

This opens the gaming possibility to computers with basic graphics integrated into the processor, laptops, ultrabooks and a host of devices. The difference in graphic performance is impressive the less. We go from an unplayable experience to a supreme fluidity, although we will depend, yes, on a sufficiently fast connection speed.

With this service we can not play any game taking advantage of the NVIDIA GPUs farm, it is a streaming gaming service with which NVIDIA optimizes the whole system from the input of the controls to the video sample of all the rendered material back from your servers.

At the moment PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Arma 3, Garry’s Mod, Fortnite and many more are available. In fact, the company has commented that they have reached an agreement with Ubisoft so that users can connect their UPlay game libraries with GeForce NOW.

You can sign up for the open GeForce NOW beta from the website created by NVIDIA for that purpose. It is not a direct access, you enter a list and from NVIDIA are responsible for giving access by user blocks.

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