Free video editors for Windows that you should know

Video content is increasingly present in our day to day, but surely you have seen that the best programs to edit video are not exactly cheap. Therefore, it will not hurt to have some of the programs to edit free videos on Windows that we have compiled for you, so that later you can upload those creations to your social networks, your YouTube channel or Twitch.

There are many video editors, but their prices are not all available to all users, especially if you are not going to edit videos professionally. That is why we have prepared a selection of the best free video editors for Windows. Do not think that because they are free they are worse: they are very complete programs that will be useful to you especially if you have just started in this video editing.

In this way, you will always have prepared a program to edit videos in Windows before sharing them, which allows you to cut the fragments you do not like, add titles, add image filters and even a soundtrack that accompanies and surrounds the story that they are creating

Video editor integrated in the Photos program
One of the main novelties of the update of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the incorporation of a new editor of integrated video in the app Photos native of Windows.

That way, you only have to directly open the video you want to edit with Photos and access the Edit and create section to start working on it.

One of the most outstanding features of this new Windows 10 video editor is the possibility to add fragments in slow motion, edit the duration of the videos or add lighting filters to your videos, so you can create a more personal atmosphere in each one of your compositions. You will also find an access to the video editing options of Photos in the Windows 10 Movies and TV app.

We could say that this video editor is the natural heir of the mythical Windows Movie Maker, which now comes in this format to settle forever the wave of scams that arose as a result of the disappearance of the classic Windows video editor.

Video editor integrated in Photos
Crazy Video Maker 2
If you do not want to complicate your life a lot by editing your home videos, you can choose one of the numerous video editing programs available in the Windows Store.

One of those that has caught our attention is Crazy Video Maker 2 with which you can easily edit the footage of your videos, add texts and effects, nothing sound and even modify their color settings to get a better quality or a more cinematic touch .

The app is very easy to use since all the options are clearly displayed in a side panel of the interface, while in the lower part the video elements are organized in the form of tracks.

This free version adds a watermark and a non-intrusive advertising banner, as well as a HD resolution limit (720p). If you want to get rid of these limitations, you will have to pay the € 3, 99 that costs the full version that you can also buy and install from the Windows Store.

Crazy Video Maker 2
Openshot 2.2
4K resolutions are becoming more common in photo cameras, action cameras and smartphones, so it’s always a good idea to have a free 4K video editor for Windows at hand.

This video editor could be developed thanks to the contributions of the users on KickStarter, so its developers decided to release it as a program to edit free and open source videos.

Its use is simple and, when you start it for the first time, it shows a tutorial that shows how to edit your videos using the main tools of its interface. In addition, it has a large support community behind where you can support you to solve your doubts.


With ShotCut we come to what we could consider as the first tool for professional use with which to edit your videos for free that we propose in this selection of the best video editors for Windows.

ShotCut is a real diamond in the rough within video editing programs because it is free, cross-platform and free. With it you can access advanced video editing options and with an interface fully translated into Spanish after its expected update. This makes it easier for people with less experience in editing videos on Windows.

The basic functions of video editing, such as cutting video clips, adding different clips, importing and joining several videos, adding a soundtrack to your videos or exporting videos to different formats are done in a very simple way since the distribution of menus is the usual in this type of tools and will be familiar to many of the users.


Lightworks was developed with the intention of being a free alternative to Adobe Premiere as a professional video editor for Windows. So well did its developers that this software has even been used to edit some of the biggest blockbusters in the last 25 years such as Pulp Fiction, The King’s Speech, The Wolf of Wall Street or The Incredible Will Hunting among others. Can you imagine what Lightworks could do with your videos?

This powerful video editing program has a paid version for a monthly use license for 19.99 euros or yearly for 134.99 euros. However, Lightworks also has a free version that, despite having some limitations such as not having support for 4K or limit the number of effects and functions, can be very useful to make your videos look professional.

Being a professional video editing program, you will need a period of prior learning to master your main functions, something that is incredibly simple thanks to the video tutorials that you will find on the program’s own page and with which you can carry out your tasks. first projects without any problem.


Lightworks is multiplatform, so if you use computers with GNU / Linux or macOS in addition to Windows, you can continue using it without problems in all of them.

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