France investigates Apple for obsolescence programmed in iPhone

After the controversy of the last weeks, France investigates Apple for obsolescence programmed in the iPhone. The prosecution of the French country is going to open a case against the Cupertino company after having skipped the scandal of the batteries of the iPhone.

At the end of 2017 the news leapt that Apple was reducing the performance of their mobile phones. After a few years of use, they received the order to start running slower, their battery being affected. An exclusive situation of the apple company bitten unlike its top competitor, so that old Android mobile phones do not slow down bet.

After recognizing that it is a measure “for the good of the user”, by which the terminals were turned off at once with losses in data or cuts in important calls and to apologize, has offered as a solution to change the batteries of the iPhone for 29 euros from iPhone 6 and later.

The prosecution of France will investigate whether Apple has incurred possible fraud and programmed obsolescence due to the handling of the batteries of the iPhone. The French association “High to programmed obsolescence” (HOP) has lodged a complaint against the multinational for this practice whose purpose was to accelerate the purchase of new mobile iPhones and, consequently, increase their sales.

“This is the first criminal procedure in the world against the company, on the basis of programmed obsolescence,” Emile Meunier, lawyer for the association, told AFP. For its part, Apple has not made any comment about it.

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