Forget about leaving your opinion on Google Maps about a job

With the latest change in Google policies you will no longer be able to leave ratings on Google Maps of your old workplaces, and much less of your own business as it is considered a “conflict of interest”.

Applications in the network such as Tripadvisor or Google Maps allow the user to have enormous power over companies allowing them to leave a positive or negative comment according to their experience in that place, and meeting many times with former employees who do not speak precisely of their former jobs, given that they were dismissed.

Now Google Maps has changed its rules so that all comments identified as employee or former employee can be removed from the platform to not assume “a conflict of interest.” This way it will no longer be possible for a person who has worked in a certain place to leave their valuation in Google Maps, or for a current employee to talk about how well the business works.
The filter or the verification carried out by Google in this regard is unknown, given that anonymity in the network makes it impossible to know most of the cases.

Previously, to comment on Google Maps did not have any type of regulation in this regard, but with the last update of their policies, they already prohibit these actions in the network. The Google Maps Help Center states that the company considers that “publishing negative content about a current or previous work experience supposes a conflict of interest”.

In this way, the user is denied power to comment on a business in which he participates or has participated so as not to affect the opinion of future clients.

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