Doogee V is actually the first mobile with flexible screen

Of all the manufacturers of smartphones and devices that come from Asia, Doogee is, perhaps, one of the most committed to innovation and the development of new technologies.

At this time the Chinese brand is finalizing the preparations for the launch of what will be its first smartphone for 2018. According to some leaks, it is a smartphone that will be presented under the name of Doogee V and will have a fingerprint sensor under the screen and mount a flexible AMOLED panel.

We have been announcing the arrival of smartphones with flexible screens for several years and that day seems much closer thanks to the innovation of manufacturers such as Doogee.

Flexible displays can be the perfect answer to the growing demand for larger screens eliminating the problem of the final device size from the equation. You roll it up and pocket it!

The flexible panel designed for the Doogee V has been manufactured from elastic compounds instead of using glass, which allows greater flexibility to adjust it to the silhouette of the terminal without damaging it. But the most important thing is that the AMOLED screen that is used provides excellent image quality, a minimum thickness and weight, as well as a very tight energy consumption.

Footprint sensor under the screen
Along with the facial recognition system, which Doogee already includes in its Doogee Mix 2, the fingerprint sensor under the screen is another of the innovations we were looking forward to in the presentations of last year’s high-end smartphones. The Doogee V seems to have just integrated this sensor under the screen, eliminating the need to include an extra button on the front or back of the terminal.

Since the fingerprint sensor is under the screen, protected against liquids and scratches by the armored glass of the screen, the terminal can be unlocked even with a wet finger or, unlike facial recognition where you must hold the terminal in front of You can unlock it without having to take it.

More memory, more power
The increase of benefits is a constant in technology we are used to that the new devices come with better specifications than the models of the previous year. Doogee maintains the norm and while the majority of devices presented in 2017 came with a configuration of 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, by 2018 the thing will improve and the Doogee V will come with 8 GB of LPDDR4X and 128 RAM GB of capacity for your files.

This increase in the 8 GB of RAM will be excellent news for fans of video games on the mobile since it allows them to run more smoothly, while a greater internal storage capacity will allow to store a greater number of photos and videos in the phone, without having to worry continuously about the available space.

We are waiting to receive more information from Doogee’s official website about the screen and all other features of this Doogee V that is expected to hit the market during 2018.

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