Convert dollars to euros: websites and applications of currency converters

It has been a long time since converting dollars into euros – and, in general, making any currency conversion – was no longer a task in which it was necessary to resort to third-party pages. The own Google offers for a long time an online currency converter so that anyone can make this calculation from the search engine itself (even by voice, as we will see in this article). In case you still do not know, we bring you a compilation of all the ways you have to convert coins.

The search engine of Google has been trying to replace many of the functions that until a while ago were offering different web pages: we have examples that go from checking the time in your city (try to write “time in Madrid”) until, as we are going to analyze in this case, the conversion of coins (try to write in the search engine of “5 dollars to euros”).
Facing the user, it is an excellent functionality: it saves you having to visit an external web page and allows you to perform the task directly from the search engine itself. Examples such as time or currency conversion there are thousands: from the search engine you can also do mathematical accounts, reverse image searches, search only a certain web page (with the site text: … many tricks, in short.
This to turn web pages into integrated tools within the search engine itself is something that has also begun to be deployed in mobile searches. Most likely, the assistant of your smartphone (Google Now in the case that it is an Android phone, and Siri if it is an iPhone) already bring a currency converter integrated into your system, in such a way that simply saying ” how much is 100 euros in dollars “get the answer to your question, without having to search the net.

How to convert $ dollars to euros € (and other currencies) without external pages
– Google
Whether you are browsing from your mobile or if you are on the PC, Google offers everything you need to convert any currency: open, write the amount you want to convert, enter the currency from which you are making the conversion and then put the currency in which you want to obtain the result. For example:

1 dollar to euros
What you will be seeing is part of the unit converter that Google has been offering in its search engine for a while. The currencies that can be converted are the following ones (extracted from the official website of the company):

Algerian dinars, Argentine pesos, Australian cents, Australian dollars, Bahraini dinars, Bolivian dinars from Bolivia, Botswana pulas, Brazilian reales, British pounds, Brunei dollars, Bulgarian levies, Canadian cents, Canadian dollars, Cayman Islands dollars, Chilean pesos , Chinese yuan, Colombian pesos, Costa Rican colones, Croatian kunas, Czech crowns, Danish crowns, Dominican pesos, Egyptian pounds, Estonian crowns, euro cents, euros, Fijian dollars, Honduran lempiras, Hong Kong dollars, Hungarian forints, Indian rupees , Indonesian rupees, Israeli coins, Jamaican dollars, Japanese yen, Jordanian dinars, Kazakh tenges, Kenyan shillings, Kuwaiti dinars, Latvian lats, Lebanese pounds, Lithuanian litas, Macedonian Denars, Malaysian ringgits, Mauritanian rupees, Mexican pesos, Moldovan lei, Dírhams Moroccans, Namibian dollars, Nepalese rupees, Dutch Antillean florins, New Zealand dollars eses, Nicaraguan córdobas, Nigerian naira, Norwegian crowns, Omani rials, Pakistani rupees, Papua New Guinea kinas, Paraguayan guaranies, Peruvian new soles, Philippine pesos, Polish esotis, Qatari rials, Romanian lei, Russian rubles, Salvadoran colonies, Saudi Riyals , Seychelles rupees, Sierra Leone lions, Singapore dollars, Slovak crowns, South African rands, South Korean wons, Sri Lankan rupees, Swedish kronor, Swiss francs, Taiwanese dollars, Tanzanian shillings, Thai baht, Trinidad dollars, Tunisian dinars, Turkish liras, Ugandan shillings, Ukrainian hryvnas, UAE dirhams, Uruguayan pesos, US cents, U.S. dollars, Uzbek soms, Venezuelan bolivars, Venezuelan bolivars, Vietnamese dongs, Yemeni rials and Zambian kwachas
– Bing
If you have tried converting currencies into Google, you may have noticed that the converter offered by the Mountain View company’s search engine is somewhat short: neither tells you based on what quote the calculation has made, nor tells you when it has It has been the last update and it also does not show you the most recent history of the exchange between one currency and another. If you are looking for something a little more complete but do not want to use any external web page, you will be interested in trying the Bing converter.

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