Apple releases a patch to protect Specter Safari in iOS and macOS

The failures of the processors have blown up all the alarms in the technology companies, which have worked hard to create patches to solve them. Now, Apple has released three new updates to protect Specter Safari on iOS and macOS.

So far, the Cupertino company had already released a patch for Meltdown for iOS and macOS, and this is the second massive update that deals with remedying Specter, the second failure of the processors detected last week that is a bit more complex and difficult to tackle than the first.

If you have an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, we recommend that you install the latest security updates that Apple has released for iOS, MacOS and Safari through the App Store on your device.

The American corporation has not given many details about this new security update for Specter. In the description of the specific update for Safari it states that it “includes security enhancements to mitigate the effects of Specter (CVE-2017-5753 and CV-2017-5715)”, but also thanks to the researchers who discovered the vulnerabilities of the processors does not provide more information. In the patches for iOS and macOS, in addition to the improvements for the browser, updates for the WebKit are also included.

Apple confirmed last Thursday that all devices with iOS and macOS are affected by security flaws. However, the company reassured consumers that “there are no known farms that impact customers at this time,” and reminded users that they should only download software to update secure sources, such as the App Sotre.

With this second round of updates, Apple fixes Specter in Safari, the bug that had not yet been patched. The other browsers launched a few days ago systems to protect against these vulnerabilities, and if you are a user of Google Chrome or Firefox here we tell you how to protect yourself from Meltdown and Specter.

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