An app to evaluate others, the future that awaits us?

The possibilities regarding the future of technology are completely open: augmented reality, virtual, social networks and the Internet of Things. In a few years the world will have changed completely thanks to these innovations and some more, but for better or for worse? The debate is totally open, with positions ranging from the most optimistic to the most apocalyptic.

Artificial Intelligence is probably the most discussed technology for its potential to transform the labor market, perhaps followed by the autonomous car. However, what is already transforming our way of acting and relating is the social networks, which practically keep us connected permanently.

Social networks squared

That said, we have only to ask ourselves if this hyperconnection is good or bad, especially now that some dystopian predictions are beginning to come true. The best example is the Uniks application, a Spanish application that serves to value others. You can comment on what is the best and worst thing that your friends and some famous people have.

The hook with which Uniks announces is that it serves to improve self-knowledge, being able to receive feedback from other people, and it is true. That yes, it can cause some people to take more to heart of the account the criticism, if they come.

We recently learned that Instagram could have harmful effects on people with low self-esteem, and that only taking into account the number of Likes. The intention of Uniks is without a doubt good, although it remembers much to one of the most famous chapters of the series Black Mirror.

Already in itself social networks are very given to give importance to what the rest of society thinks for you. Uniks goes much further: the opinion on your way of being, thinking and dressing is the engine of the app. In fact, the evaluations that make your profile are totally public.

It all depends on the user

As always, the controversy that may arise with the use of Uniks no longer depends on the company, responsible only for creating the product. Obviously, if a person feels too influenced by the comments they make through the app, you should not use it, although it is undeniable that you put on a tray bullying through social networks.

On the other hand, it is not something new: all social networks serve to a greater extent to know what others think of you, to know what your good and bad things are. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.

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